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Chief Executive Officer

Tracy Wilson Peters
Duties: Chief Executive Officer
Titles: CLD, CCCE, CLE®
Location: Georgia

Tracy Wilson Peters, CLD, CLE®, CCCE, is the co-author of The Attachment Pregnancy and The Greatest Pregnancy Ever: Keys to the MotherBaby Bond. Tracy is the CEO of CAPPA, the world’s largest childbirth organization. Tracy has been a lifelong advocate for families and babies. Internationally known as a pregnancy expert, she has authored numerous journal and magazine articles, keeping both professionals and expectant families in tune to what is happening in the world of women’s healthcare. Tracy is a representing member on the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ (ACOG) Council on Patient Safety in Women’s Health Care, and is also a Healthy Birth Initiative Task Force Member with the America College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM). Tracy is a regular guest lecturer at Emory University School of Nursing and has appeared on many television networks, including FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC. She has been married to her husband Mark Peters for nearly 25 years; they have 2 grown sons, 2 spoiled dogs, and a granddog. Tracy resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband. You may visit her website at TracyPeters.com or on Facebook.

CAPPA Office Administration

Melissa Goller

Duties: Manager of Corporate Operations
Location: Georgia
Melissa Goller joined the CAPPA member services team in December of 2012. Prior to CAPPA, she enjoyed a career in retail, providing excellent customer service. Using her past experience, Melissa is able to provide superior customer service to the CAPPA members and prospective birth professionals she helps every day. Melissa is happily married and the proud mother of two young boys. She is a trained childbirth educator and is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and the CAPPA mission with new families. Melissa is thrilled to be working with CAPPA and promoting CAPPA’s vision worldwide.

Asia Hurtado

Duties: Faculty Liaison
Location: Georgia
Asia graduated from Lanier Tech with a degree in Business Technology in May 2017.  With her skills and charm, she aims to provide the best support to CAPPA and its members.  She and her husband, Ernie, have two wonderful sons named Nathaniel & Gabriel.  Asia is proud to be a part of CAPPA and looks forward to the continued success of the organization.

Alaythea Herr

Duties: CAPPA Graphics Designer / Member Service Representative
Location: Georgia
Alaythea joined the CAPPA member services team in late 2016.  She went to school for Art and Design, and continues to pursue these interests outside of education and in her career.  Alaythea is thrilled to be part of the CAPPA team and hopes to help support the growth of the organization for many years to come.

Nurse Advisors

Natalie Chapman Bates

Duties: Nurse Advisor/CEU Planner
Location: Georgia
Natalie Chapman has been working with CAPPA since 2010. She was introduced to the birthing world by her mother, who is a former doula. Natalie is very interested in pregnancy, labor, and childbirth and is passionate about educating mothers on their choices in birth. She wishes to help women achieve the kind of birth they choose. Natalie is currently a labor and delivery nurse (RN, BSN), and plans to become a CNM in the future. She has an adorable son, born in 2011.

Senior Program Advisors

Laura Nance

Duties: Senior Program Advisor – Postpartum Doula Program
Titles: CPD, CLD, CLE®, CCCE
Location: North Carolina
Laura joined the board as the Senior Program Advisor of Postpartum Doulas in January 2014 after being a CAPPA member since 2001 and faculty since 2006. She is CAPPA Certified as a Postpartum Doula, Labor Doula, Lactation Educator and Childbirth Educator. In addition to teaching for the postpartum doula program, she also teaches for the labor doula and lactation educator programs. She is very active in her local birth community as a doula and an educator as well as a mentor and adviser. She and her husband of over 20 years live in the country with their 2 teenagers whose births were the spark that ignited her passion for all things “birthy”. They enjoy spending time together as a family especially in outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, biking, boating and just relaxing outside. She also loves photography and getting lost in a good book. She is looking forward to many more years of inspiring others as doulas, educators and mothers.

Brenda Bach
Duties: Senior Program Advisor – Childbirth Educator Program
Titles: RN, CCCE
Location: New York
Brenda has been a childbirth educator since 2003 and was a labor and delivery nurse before teaching childbirth classes. She has been a guest lecturer at the University of New York at Albany. In addition, she has mentored interns from the University through her local BirthNet group. Brenda enjoys training new childbirth educators and mentoring them through their journey. Brenda is married and has one son.

Kimberly Bepler

Duties: Senior Program Advisor – Lactation Educator Program
Titles: IBCLC, CPD, CLE®
Location: Oregon
Kimberly has been serving breastfeeding families since 2001, first as a postpartum doula, then as a hospital educator, then as a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC since 2011). She founded a ABC Doula Service in Portland, OR in 2001 and has seen it grow to serve over 1800 families within the first 15 years. She has a passion for newborns and their families, as well as new doulas and educators launching into their own businesses. She has been Faculty for CAPPA since 2005 and now trains postpartum doulas, lactation educators, and her own advanced program for working with multiples. Kimberly is the mother to two lively school aged kids, and enjoys the collaboration at home and work with her husband of over 20 years. She also teaches breastfeeding, newborn care, and twin/triplet classes as  within the Providence Health System. Kimberly has also produced 2 instructional videos for educators and new parents about newborn care. Her joy is in really making a difference for new parents and new doulas, and changing the world one family at a time.

CAPPA Social Media Director

Jill Reiter
Duties: Social Media Director
Titles: CPD
Location: Michigan
Jill Reiter began hosting CAPPA Radio in 2014. Prior to that she earned her Bachelors of Art in Secondary English Education in 2002 from Western Michigan University. Although Jill is no longer working as a middle school teacher, she is passionate about learning and sharing knowledge. When she isn’t hosting CAPPA Radio, Jill is training women to be postpartum doulas as a member of the CAPPA Faculty or serving families as a certified postpartum doula. Jill lives in the metro Detroit area of Michigan with her four young children and a supportive husband. Never one to shy away from an interesting conversation about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, parenting, and babies CAPPA Radio gives her an opportunity to share these conversations with others.

If you would like to be a guest on CAPPA Radio, please email us at CappaRadioHost@cappa.net.

Senior Advisors

Laurel Wilson
Duties: Senior Advisor
Location: Colorado
Laurel is a certified lactation counselor, childbirth educator, labor doula, lactation educator, Prenatal Parenting instructor, and pre- and postpartum fitness educator. She believes that the journey towards and into motherhood is a life changing rite of passage that should be deeply honored and celebrated. Laurel has been married to her husband for over 16 years and has two beautiful boys, whose difficult births led her on a path towards helping emerging families create positive experiences.

Janice Banther

Duties: Senior Advisor / Co-Membership Chair
Janice Banther, CCCE, CLD, CHBE, CIMI, is a nationally known childbirth educator and labor doula trainer. She is the founder and Executive Director of two non-profit agencies For the Love of Birth and Birth Behind Bars. She is the author of childbirth manuals and creates YouTube videos to help new doulas and educators.

Paulina “Polly” Perez
Duties: Senior Advisor
Titles: RN, BSN, FACCE
Location: Vermont
Paulina G. (Polly) Perez, R.N., B.S.N., F.A.C.C.E., is an internationally known perinatal nurse and lecturer. She is the author of Special Women: The Role of the Professional Labor Assistant and numerous journal articles.

Dr. Adam Tedder
Duties: Senior Advisor
Titles: DC
Location: Georgia
Dr. Adam Tedder is board certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, is a member of the International Chiropractic Association, as well as an associate doctor at Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Georgia.

Barbara Decker
Duties: Advisor of Prenatal Pregnancy Attachment
Location: Washington
Barbara is a Certified Prenatal Bonding Facilitator (BA) and a graduate of The Greatest Pregnancy Ever Prenatal Bonding Facilitator Program. Barbara is one of 15 people in the US to be trained in Prenatal Bonding (BA) by Dr. Gerhard Schroth from Germany.
Birthing has been her labor of love ever since she had her children and she is passionate about the need to start Preconception/Early Pregnancy Classes to inform the public of the importance of the gestational period.

Crystal Sada
Duties: Senior Advisor, Labor Doula Faculty, Postpartum Doula Faculty
Titles: CCCE, CLD, CPD
Location: New Jersey
Crystal Sada has been a childbirth educator for 36 years. She also ran a very busy labor and postpartum doula practice for 16 years, having attended over 600 births and worked with hundreds of families during the postpartum period. In the past she was the Director of Postpartum Programs with CAPPA as well as a member of the Board of Directors and has been a labor doula faculty member for 18 years. Her workshops are well attended and very popular. Crystal resides with her husband Jerry and their MinPin, Gemma, in Mount Laurel, New Jersey and is an Administrative Assistant at Princeton University. She and Jerry share three adult daughters and 7 grandchildren. Crystal is willing to travel to areas other than New Jersey where there are no CAPPA trainers to provide workshops. She no longer works full time as a doula but mentors doulas in her community to help them transition into this work of passion as well as offers independent childbirth education classes. Her interests include jewelry making, music, reading, cooking and spending time with her family as well as visiting the Jersey shore every chance she gets.

CAPPA International

Sonali Shivlani
Duties: Executive Director, CAPPA India
Sonali Shivlani holds a degree in business management. She is an internationally certified childbirth and lactation educator (CAPPA), and a La Leche League Leader and is in charge of the suburbs group in Mumbai, where she also introduced a training program for those women who would like to become lactation counselors. Post certification, Ms. Shivlani put together a birth preparation program, which was suited to the urban Indian scenario. This unique course helps to prepare couples not only for the pregnancy and the birth but also for the months thereafter. She has been associated with BEAMS, a specialty hospital for women in Khar, Mumbai, since April 2004. In August 2005, she teamed up with the CLAY Institute for Wellness and Lifestyle Enhancement, which is based in Mumbai, and has a lactation counseling program for expectant women and moms. This program is the first out-of-hospital breastfeeding support group in India. She opened her private practice center in 2005, where she introduced the concept of the same program in a workshop format which was especially suited to the working woman. 2006 saw the introduction of the program at Sujay Hospital at Andheri W. Sonali is part of the expert panel for pregnancy and child care at INDIWO.com (CNBC TV 18).

Ruti Horowitz
Duties: Executive Director, CAPPA Israel
Experienced in birth classes as well as education, Ruti is a certified childbirth and lactation educator, doula, yoga teacher and pregnancy yoga teacher. She is the founder and director of the Israeli leading birth professions school, The Art of Birthing, and editor and manager of the sites The Art of Birth Support and The Art of Birthing. She is also the author of the books Omanut Haleida: The Art of Giving Birth, The Next Step, and The Art of Birthing. She also has a guided imagery relaxation CD, The Art of Birthing, and is the author and narrator of the audio relaxation disc for birth Omanut Haleida: The Art of Giving Birth.

For more than a decade, as a birth theoretician writing articles that embody the very heart of contemporary birth perception and managing The Birth Forum, Ruti forms a major juncture for knowledge and public opinion which helps shape birth for both mothers and professionals. She is a graduate of the Israeli Center for Birth Education. She is one of the founders of the Women Taking Birth movement for freedom of choice in birth in Israel, and is one of the establishers of The Roof Organization for Accompaniment and Instruction around Birth and Life Circles Professions, and is co-founder of the Israeli organization for Free Choice in Birth, and founder of the Israeli Organization of Birth Professions. She is the creator of the system for training doulas and birth course instructors and developer of the unique curriculum which combines a huge and up-to-date body of knowledge with group and individual coaching and intensive referents. The practical and theoretical knowledge have combined into the strong ideological motivation to change the face of birth and to improve the wellbeing of mothers and newborns in Israel.

Jennifer Bertha
Duties: Executive Director, CAPPA Latinoamérica
Jennifer started her career in Corporate America as an systems analyst, after 10 years she met her Ecuadorian husband and moved to Guayaquil to start a family, leaving her career behind and thinking of becoming a SHAM.  After the birth of Ilona in 2005, and her wonderful experience feeding her, Jennifer became disappointed at the fact that many of her friends were not breastfeeding their babies.  She called her childbirth educator, Priscilla, whose class she had attended during her own pregnancy to see how she could get involved. The rest is history, Jennifer and Priscilla now own CENIDEL (Birth and Breastfeeding center) in Guayaquil.

Within six months Jennifer became CAPPA certified as Lactation and Childbirth educator and two years later became a CAPPA certified Doula.  Jennifer is also a Certified Infant Massage Instructor.

With the Priscilla´s leadership, Jennifer started teaching childbirth education at the local hospital, and doing Lactation consulting as needed.  As the need arose the hospital Clinica Kennedy in Guayaquil became interested in their services and formed CENIDEL and independent entity with the leadership of Priscilla and Jennifer, with the backing of the hospital´s name.

In 2010 CAPPA Ecuador was formed in order to offer quality training and certification in Spanish to local professionals, an unprecedented achievement. In 2014, the branch expanded to become CAPPA Latinoamérica.

Priscilla Loor
Duties: Executive Director, CAPPA Latinoamérica
Priscilla is a nurse. In 1988, Priscilla became certified as a natural family planning instructor. She began working with couples who chose natural family planning. In 1999, Priscilla came to the United States for her childbirth education certification training and she became a lactation specialist. This was the beginning of her work as a birth professional. Priscilla began teaching childbirth classes and served as a doula in a local hospital. In 2008 she became an IBCLC. Priscilla writes a monthly column in a national magazine for mothers and is frequently interviewed for various shows. Priscilla and Jennifer have a weekly TV program that focuses on pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. Together, they also founded Cenidel, a breastfeeding resource center. In 2005, Priscilla gave birth to her child, experiencing firsthand what she had been teaching to expectant families for many years.

“I knew there was a huge need for certified professionals in our field, but in Latin America, there wasn’t an organization that makes those certification programs available in our language. Jennifer and I asked CAPPA to allow us to translate all of their programs to Spanish so that we could begin teaching and certifying childbirth educators, labor doulas, and lactation educators. CAPPA Ecuador was opened in 2010. Today, my dream has come true. This is just the beginning of big changes in the way women give birth and nurture their babies in our city.”

In 2014, the CAPPA Ecuador branch expanded to become CAPPA Latinoamérica.

CAPPA-Approved North American Faculty


Katie Terry

Labor Doula Faculty
Katie Terry has been a Certified Labor Doula in the north Alabama area since 2013. She became a labor doula after having a “home away from home birth” with a Certified Professional Midwife in Tennessee. She knew if it weren’t for the positive information and resources provided to her by women in her community, including her mother, she would not have had that experience. She then wanted to do the same for mothers and families in the area for whatever birth experience they desire.  Katie is Owner of The Shoals Doula Group and has mentored 5 other doulas in becoming Certified Labor Doulas as well. She became faculty with CAPPA in 2017 and plans to start Labor Doula Trainings in early 2018. She is a board member of the Alabama Birth Coalition and is actively involved with the community through La Leche League, ICAN, and Babywearers of the Shoals.  Katie and her husband Jeremy live in Florence, AL with their two boys and are expecting a new addition April of 2018. They love cheering on their alma mater (Roar Lions!) and serving the community with their Redeemer Church of the Shoals family.


Michaela Zach
Lactation Educator & Childbirth Educator Faculty
Michaela has been working in the maternal/child health field since 2002. She is an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) as well as being a dually certified childbirth educator, certified labor doula, certified lactation educator™ and certified teen educator. Educating and assisting new families through the most life changing event of their lives is her true calling and passion. Michaela strives to make sure women and their partners have the most up to date evidence based information to ensure they are making informed decisions. Michaela is married and has two wonderful boys born in 1992 and 1999. Michaela works full time for a non-profit organization supporting and educating pregnant and parenting teenagers. In addition, she teaches at two local hospitals and serves on the Arizona Breastfeeding Coalition board. Michaela has been a CAPPA faculty member since 2011. When Michaela isn’t working you can usually find her at the ice rink fulfilling her favorite role as a hockey mom!


Darla Burns
Postpartum Doula Faculty
Darla has been supporting women and families as a birth doula since 1990 and was certified by DONA in 2003. Finding that she also loved working with the families after they delivered, she then became a CAPPA certified postpartum doula in 2004. Soon thereafter, she became a certified childbirth educator and lactation educator. Her love of working with families and sharing her knowledge with others led her to her position as a faculty member for CAPPA. When she’s not doing doula work, she spends her time with her husband and two great kids.

Rená Koerner
Labor Doula Faculty 
Rená served as CAPPA’s volunteer Southwest Regional Representative and Regional Director from 2009-2012. She is an active certified birth and postpartum Doula with over 13 years experience. Rená is an Educator, Speaker and Author, as well as, one of CAPPA’s approved Labor Doula Faculty members who has trained Doulas for almost 10 years. My goal is to bring knowledge and compassion to the clients I serve and the students that also teach me something new at every class. She balances family and work life by making time to be a mother, wife, daughter, friend and mentor but not always in this order.

Christy Jo Hendricks
Lactation Educator Faculty
Christy Jo brings over 20 years of teaching experience to the classroom. She is an Internationally Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Certified Birth Doula. She has a passion for facilitating and protecting the mother/baby bond. Her contribution to this field has been recognized by the United States Presidential Volunteer Award and the Phyllis Klaus Founder’s Award for Promoting the Mother/Baby Bond. Christy Jo’s life-long goal has been to help others reach theirs. Her informative, yet entertaining teaching style makes learning enjoyable and retention easy. Christy Jo is the creator and instructor of the Grow Our Own Lactation Consultant/IBCLC Prep Course which has been used to train hundreds of women to follow their dreams of becoming Lactation Consultants. Her extensive lactation knowledge and reputation have made her courses desirable by Public Health Departments, midwives, doulas, WIC organizations and individuals entering the perinatal field. Christy Jo currently teaches lactation, attends births, facilitates lactation clinics for low-income clients and advocates for women in Southern California, where she lives with her husband and three children. More…

Megan Bunch
Labor Doula Faculty
Megan has had the pleasure of supporting expectant families through the joys and challenges of labor, delivery, and early parenting for more than a decade. She first entered the birth world by becoming a certified birth doula in 2001. She soon expanded her training and services to include prenatal yoga and, after the birth of her first child in 2003, she became a certified childbirth educator through CAPPA. In addition to her doula work and classes, Megan also trains new labor doulas as a member of the CAPPA faculty. Megan lives in Santa Cruz with her husband and two kids.


Laurel Wilson
Lactation Educator Faculty
Laurel Wilson, BS, IBCLC, CCCE, CLE®, CLD, CPPFE, CPPI owns MotherJourney in Centennial, Colorado. She has her degree in Maternal and Child Health – Lactation Consulting. With over twenty years of experience working with women in the childbearing year and perinatal professionals, Laurel takes a creative approach to working with the pregnant family. She is co-author of best-selling book, The Greatest Pregnancy Ever: The Keys to the MotherBaby Bond and The Attachment Pregnancy: The Ultimate Guide to Bonding with Your Baby. She is also a contributing author to Round the Circle: Experienced Doulas Share What They Learned the Hard Way. She currently spends a great deal of her time working with hospitals seeking BabyFriendly Status as a consultant and educator. She strives to provide the latest techniques, research and programs to her clients by attending yearly conferences and workshops in the birth and lactation field. Laurel is a board certified as a lactation consultant, childbirth educator, labor doula, lactation educator, Prenatal ParentingTM Instructor, and Pre and Postpartum fitness educator. She serves as the CAPPA Executive Director of Lactation Programs and trains Childbirth Educators and Lactation Educators for CAPPA certification.

Carolyn Butler
Postpartum Doula Faculty
Carolyn is a mother, a grandmother, and former elementary school teacher who grew up in a very large family, caring for babies from an early age.  In addition to a BA in Elementary Education, she has a Masters in Applied Communication.  Carolyn has many years of experience in adult education; teaching marketing, public speaking, memory techniques, and neuro linguistic programming topics.  She has pursued a variety of interesting and rewarding careers in addition to teaching that include retail management, marketing, public relations, and interior design.   Everything Carolyn has done before led her to finding her true passion in this doula work.  “I see it as making a huge difference in the world of families and babies, as well as making a difference in our present and future world.”  She is committed to sharing and teaching the experiences and information she has learned, making doula services more available to more families.


Janice Banther
Labor Doula Faculty
Janice has been helping women during their birth since 1982. She has attended over 600 births and has taught thousands of pregnant women and their partner. She is a Certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Labor Doula and an Approved Trained Counselor and Trainer with RTS Bereavement. She is also a breast feeding counselor. Janice is the Founder and Executive Director of For The Love of Birth, Inc. which is a non-profit organization in Tarpon Springs, Florida. She has also started a national training program called Birth Behind Bars, educating Birth Educators to work with incarcerated pregnant women. Her greatest love is her husband Barry, her sons, David and John, their wives and 2 precious granddaughters. You can learn more about her by visiting her website, birthingwithlove.com and www.birthbehindbars.com.

Esther March-Singleton
Lactation Educator Faculty
Esther March-Singleton, MBA, RN, BHS, IBCLC, CLE® has charisma and a natural gift for educating women and healthcare professionals. It was through her experiences and trials as a wife and mother of three, that brought out her passion for helping other women close the gap with the difficulties encountered during breastfeeding. Esther has a been in the healthcare field working as a nurse for over 30 years and over 19 years as an educator. Esther is the owner of A Mother’s Choice Breastfeeding Services, which provides an array of resources and tools to successful breastfeeding experiences. As a CAPPA CLE instructor, she would like for you to gain knowledge through presenting evidence based information and to pass on her legacy to you as you help other women overcome breastfeeding challenges.

Ruth Kraft
Labor Doula, Childbirth Educator, & Lactation Educator Faculty
As the Founder and Executive Director of Women Honoring Women in 2002, Ruth Kraft, has been working with women and mastering her ability to nurture in a profound for way her entire life. After researching and having great interest in the birth process for many years prior, she then chose to turn it into a career. She is certified as a labor doula and childbirth educator through CAPPA. She enjoys training and mentoring new labor doulas through the process of making this a career and spreading the empowerment to as many women as she can reach. Ruth also provides hypnobirthing, private classes, mentoring, childbirth education and breastfeeding consults. Ruth has engaged in many local speaking engagements to help women understand the options and empowerment through their birth and motherhood. Ruth is the proud mother of Emma and Jacob and lives in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.


Gwynne Knap
Childbirth Educator, Labor Doula, Postpartum Doula, & Lactation Educator Faculty
I became a labor doula back in 1999 after meeting Tracy Wilson Peters for coffee one day after picking up her business card in a baby gift shop. I had been casually supporting my friends and family during their birthing experiences and at home after childbirth. I was ecstatic about being a birth professional! I co-doula’ed with Tracy in my early career and learned so much. As a single mom with a full time sales/marketing career, I had creatively make time for my passion project of developing as a birth professional. In 2003-2004, I started an apprenticeship with a busy local postpartum doula. I realized how much I enjoyed nurturing new moms at home after birth-helping them with breastfeeding, guiding them with infant care & soothing tips and helping them keep focused on bonding with their baby. After certifying as a postpartum doula, I have had the privilege of caring for over 100 local families over the past several years. About 5 years ago, I embarked upon my journey as a childbirth educator and discovered how much I love teaching–even though I shied away from it for years. I cherish the opportunity to inspire and empower young expectant couples as they prepare for childbirth. Having now taught over 500 couples in group and private settings, I am energized each time I meet a couple seeking a low intervention birthing experience. A year ago, I was approached by Tracy to take over for her in conducting Atlanta area Labor Doula & Childbirth Educator Trainings. I happily accepted the opportunity and have thoroughly enjoyed training enthusiastic new birth professionals. I am honored to act as mentor and teacher to women ready to embrace their calling as birth doulas and childbirth educators.


Heather McCullough

Labor Doula & Lactation Educator Faculty
Heather McCullough, CPM is a midwife, Certified Labor Doula (CAPPA), Certified Lactation Educator (CAPPA), Certified Hypnobabies Instructor, Birthing From Within Mentor, as well as an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor and Professional Member. Heather is also a student of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and certified in Acupressure for Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum. As an educator and midwife for nearly 25 years, she regularly presents to both expecting parents and professionals on current childbirth research. A passionate, experienced, and innovative birth provider and doula for over 1,000 families, Heather began this work when she was 19. Initially going to pre-med to become an OB-Gyn, she was re-directed to Midwifery and became a Certified Professional Midwife. Heather practiced midwifery in Portland, Oregon serving at home births and birth center births. After moving back to the midwest, Heather settled in Chicago, Illinois. As of this writing, Illinois does not offer a license for CPMs. She therefore works as a Doula, Monitrice, and Childbirth Educator. As owner of 312Doulas & HMBirth, she has a thriving labor support business Chicagoland, while teaching classes and in-services for families, doulas, midwives, nurses and educators.


Katie Nyberg

Postpartum Doula Faculty
Katie Nyberg has served hundreds of mothers, partners, and families through her role as a birth doula, postpartum doula, and childbirth educator since 2010. She believes that our society is not supporting new mothers enough and has made it her mission to help provide the missing care for women during their childbearing years. Katie has been a part of CAPPA since 2015. She is excited to combine her passions for teaching and for supporting new mothers through her role as Postpartum Doula Trainer. Katie is a frequent speaker for mothers, families, and health care providers in Iowa. She has been featured in a doula magazine, Parents Magazine, and on her local television station.


Bonnie Logsdon

Lactation Educator Faculty
Bonnie began her interest in lactation as a student intern while attending a breastfeeding class. After years of studying nutrition, she was intrigued by this first food (breast milk) and wondered why everyone wasn’t talking about it! Since then Bonnie committed her career to families of childbearing years to promote, protect and support breastfeeding as normal infant feeding. Bonnie has over 10 years of experience in nutrition, breastfeeding, and birth as a Registered Dietitian (RD), International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and as a trained birth doula. Born and raised in Tennessee, she was a long-time resident of Kentucky, lived out her dream in New York City with her husband and recently lived and worked in Glacier National Park in Montana and traveled the U.S. on the ultimate road trip. Currently, Bonnie is proud to be back in the Commonwealth of Kentucky helping moms and babies in and around Louisville, Lexington and Southern Indiana in her private practice nutrition and lactation business, The Baby’s Voice. Most recently her greatest adventure has been becoming a mother to Finley, who is now a happy, yappy nursing toddler.  Find more information about Bonnie here: http://www.thebabysvoice.com/


Julie Brill
Childbirth Educator & Labor Doula Faculty
Julie Brill, CCCE, CLD owns and manages WellPregnancy in Bedford, Massachusetts. She graduated from Tufts University with a degree in Women’s Studies and Sociology and completed the Massachusetts Midwifery Apprenticeship Course. Julie is a veteran childbirth educator who has been teaching childbirth classes and attending births as a midwifery apprentice and doula since 1992. She has been a member of the CAPPA Faculty since 2003, teaching trainings throughout New England. She is honored to have taught hundreds of CAPPA professionals and thousands of pregnant families. Julie teaches a wide variety of private and group perinatal classes in the Boston area, and specializes in natural childbirth, VBAC, homebirth preparation, and infant care. She is certified to teach Peggy Huddleston’s Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster program and provides phone cesarean birth preparation classes nationwide. Julie is proud to be a La Leche League Leader who is currently working towards sitting for the International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Exam. Her writings on perinatal topics have appeared in many publications including Midwifery Today, hip mama, ePregnancy, and Parenting from the Heart. She is the author of the doula anthology Round the Circle: Experienced Doulas Share What They’ve Learned. Julie is the mother of two homeschooled teenage girls. She believes that the perinatal period is extremely important, a time to fix things before they are broken, and is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with birthing families and mentor CAPPA childbirth educators and labor.

Jodi Krentzman
Postpartum Doula & Lactation Educator Faculty
Jodi Krentzman is first and foremost, a mother to her amazing 3 year old daughter. Giving birth was a life changing experience for her and was ultimately what made her decide to get involved in pregnancy and birth as a career. She felt compelled to educate women on the options and choices they have for their births to try and make each and every experience the very best it can be. Her priority as a Postpartum Doula is to support new mothers and families emotionally and physically and to educate them on the care of their precious newborn. Jodi is a certified Postpartum Doula and Postpartum Doula Trainer for CAPPA. She is also a trained Labor Doula and Childbirth Educator (CAPPA), currently working on both certifications.


Jill Reiter
Postpartum Doula Faculty
Jill received her B.A. from Western Michigan University and put her degree to use teaching middle school. While she traveled the world with her Army Major husband she decided to focus on raising her children. Caring for her newborn babies without extended family nearby meant she had to look for other sources of support and led her to her calling as a postpartum doula. She loves to support women and families as they welcome new life to their family. In addition to baby-wearing and calming chaos for new parents, Jill is on the board of Metro Detroit Doulas, is a certified H.U.G. teacher, and leads classes to help parents feel more confident with their newborns. Training women to become postpartum doulas for CAPPA merges her love of education and supporting women during their transition to motherhood. Jill and her bearded husband raise their brood of four kids in Michigan, where she tries to tame the laundry monster and relaxes in the bathtub to read. She can be contacted at www.theafterbabylady.com.

New Jersey

Crystal Sada
Labor Doula & Postpartum Doula Faculty
Crystal Sada has been a childbirth educator for 36 years. She also ran a very busy labor and postpartum doula practice for 16 years, having attended over 600 births and worked with hundreds of families during the postpartum period. In the past she was the Director of Postpartum Programs with CAPPA as well as a member of the Board of Directors and has been a labor doula faculty member for 18 years. Her workshops are well attended and very popular. Crystal resides with her husband Jerry and their MinPin, Gemma, in Mount Laurel, New Jersey and is an Administrative Assistant at Princeton University. She and Jerry share three adult daughters and 7 grandchildren. Crystal is willing to travel to areas other than New Jersey where there are no CAPPA trainers to provide workshops. She no longer works full time as a doula but mentors doulas in her community to help them transition into this work of passion as well as offers independent childbirth education classes. Her interests include jewelry making, music, reading, cooking and spending time with her family as well as visiting the Jersey shore every chance she gets.

Jodi Green
Labor Doula Faculty
Jodi Green, CLD, has 16 years of experience as a birth and postpartum doula in South Jersey. Her “Preparing for Positive Birth” courses are offered at local hospitals, physician offices, and WIC facilities.  In her free time, Jodi most enjoys spending time with her partner and their blended family.  Find Jodi online at jodithedoula.com or on Twitter @jodithedoula.

New Mexico

Katrina Fuller
Lactation Educator Faculty 
Katrina Fuller, Ed.D, CPFE, CCCE, CCTE, CLE®, CAPD, CLD, CPD, BPC, DSIII is the owner and manager of Natural Nesters, providing pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and breastfeeding education, support, and integral therapy services in Hobbs, New Mexico since 2009. She also serves as MECA Therapies Developmental Specialist III, New Mexico Lead WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force Board Member, and New Mexico CAPPA Lactation Educator Faculty Member. Katrina has an A.A., A.S., B.S. in Elementary Education, M.S. Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, and Ed.D in Teacher Leadership and is currently awaiting her certification results as an IBCLC with IBLCE. She strives to utilize her background in education to teach classes for families, facilitate trainings for professionals, and contribute to the body of current, evidence-based research. Katrina is happily married with three children, having experience as a single, teenage mother; married, stay-at-home wife; and work-at-home tandem nurser. To contact her, please visit www.naturalnesters.com or email katrina.fuller@naturalnesters.com.

Abby Bordner
Labor Doula Faculty
Abby Bordner, CLD, CLE®, ICCE, CAPPA CLD started her career in Women’s Health. She began at Planned Parenthood in Portland, OR where she was trained as a health counselor for contraception and HIV/AIDS. She had her first child in 1999, when she began her interest in birth work. She pursued her doula certification, shortly after became a childbirth educator and eventually a lactation educator, as well. She teaches many educational workshops related to birth and parenting. She started an online parent education and personal support coaching business called Relationship Based Parenting. Her passion is working with families as a health and wellness educator to build skills that support compassionate families and all the important dynamics within it. She has two children and lives in Santa Fe, NM.

New York

Brenda Bach
Childbirth Educator Faculty 
Brenda has been a childbirth educator since 2003 and was a labor and delivery nurse before teaching childbirth classes. She has been a guest lecturer at the University of New York at Albany. In addition, she has mentored interns from the University through her local BirthNet group. Brenda enjoys training new childbirth educators and mentoring them through their journey. Brenda is married and has one son.

Kristy Zadrozny
Labor Doula Faculty
Kristy, a doula and faculty member for the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA), is now mentoring the next generation of doulas in New York City. For the past 9 years, she has dedicated Expecting NYC, her private practice, to supporting women and their families throughout the childbearing year. Kristy began her career as a massage therapist, specializing in prenatal and postnatal massage therapy. In fact, it was her clients who first brought her into the work of a labor doula.  Many of them asked her to attend their births–radically changing the direction of her path. Her passion for supporting pregnant women quickly grew. Within a week of doula training, she attended her first birth and has supported hundreds of women and their families ever since. As a seasoned certified lactation counselor and massage therapist, Kristy’s compendium of skills have proved invaluable to women throughout their pregnancies and labor. She is an advocate for a woman’s right to have a healthy, positive birth experience in the environment of her choice. Her support methods include mindfulness, evidence-based education, and an open heart.

North Carolina

Laura Nance

Labor Doula, Postpartum Doula, & Lactation Educator Faculty 
Laura Nance has been involved in childbirth since 2001 as a childbirth educator and labor doula. She has been a CAPPA faculty member since 2005. She loves being involved in the empowerment of families during their childbearing year and feels very honored to participate in such a special time in people’s lives. As a faculty member she tries to ignite passion and confidence in other doulas. She has a special place in her heart for breastfeeding, postpartum depression, and VBAC. She lives in the foothills of NC with her very supportive husband, Brent (married in 1992) and their 2 wonderful kids whom she loves more and more each day. They have a crazy cat and goofy mutt. They enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities together such as hiking, fishing, camping, boating, biking, and wildlife watching. She also enjoys reading, photography, and homeschooling her kids.

Laura Speece

Childbirth Educator & Labor Doula Faculty
In addition to being a Faculty Member, Laura is a CAPPA certified labor doula & childbirth educator. She is also the Essentials Program Director at Vintage Remedies, a school of natural health. These two passions blend together beautifully and allow Laura to offer classes that meet a variety of needs in her community – from preparing for birth to caring for your family’s health naturally. She currently resides in Charlotte, NC with her husband, Eric, and their five young children. For nearly a decade, Laura has had the honor of working with families all over the Charlotte area. As Childbirth Educator Faculty, she is thrilled to help equip others to do the same! To learn more, you may visit her website at www.naturalabundance.me.


Erica Manto-Paulson
Labor Doula Faculty
Erica is a CAPPA certified labor doula and childbirth educator, certified birth doula, and a certified HypnoBabies HypnoDoula. Erica has been working as a perinatal professional and supporting families in her community with gratitude and passion since 2006. As a mother of four beautiful children, who has personally experienced the gamut of pregnancy and childbirth, she knows how important it is to have the right kind of unbiased advice and access to evidence-based information and personalized assistance when having a baby. Erica believes it is an honor to support women and their families during pregnancy and birth, and that women who surround themselves with caring, trusted supporters become mothers who are transformed and empowered by their amazing journey. Erica lives in the Cincinnati area and is highly active in her local childbirth community.


Kimberly Bepler

Postpartum Doula Faculty
Kimberly has been serving breastfeeding families since 2001, first as a postpartum doula, then as a hospital educator, then as a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC since 2011). She founded a ABC Doula Service in Portland, OR in 2001 and has seen it grow to serve over 1800 families within the first 15 years. She has a passion for newborns and their families, as well as new doulas and educators launching into their own businesses. She has been Faculty for CAPPA since 2005 and now trains postpartum doulas, lactation educators, and her own advanced program for working with multiples. Kimberly is the mother to two lively school aged kids, and enjoys the collaboration at home and work with her husband of over 20 years. She also teaches breastfeeding, newborn care, and twin/triplet classes as  within the Providence Health System. Kimberly has also produced 2 instructional videos for educators and new parents about newborn care. Her joy is in really making a difference for new parents and new doulas, and changing the world one family at a time.

Sarah Suhrstedt
Childbirth Educator Faculty
Sarah Suhrstedt, BS, MAT, CCCE, was a community college Anatomy and Physiology lecturer and a university cadaver lab professor before leaving to become a mother. In her desire to use all evidence-based research in own personal pregnancy journey, Sarah became interested in becoming a childbirth educator. Six months after the birth of her first child she took a CAPPA Childbirth Educator training and never looked back! She started SMART Birth Services in 2014 to provide opportunities for women and families in the Portland Metro area to explore their birth options and welcomed her second child 9 months later! The adventures of having two babies in two years hasn’t stopped Sarah from continuing to build her business and learn from others as she has sought professional development opportunities and connections around the Metro area. She is eager to share her passion for education and sound birth choices to others so that they may gain confidence in their bodies and abilities, and feel prepared for the arrival of their newborn! She feels this new endeavor is her true calling in life. When she isn’t networking and business building, Sarah enjoys just being with her family and exploring all there is to offer in the Pacific Northwest!

South Carolina

Dianne Pound
Hospital Labor Doula Faculty
I have worked at Lexington Medical Center, West Columbia, South Carolina as a hospital based labor doula for 16 years. I sincerely enjoy supporting women during labor and delivery, assisting with breastfeeding and celebrating their birth experience. I also lead Expectant Parent tours of Labor & delivery. I am pleased to offer CAPPA Hospital Labor Doula training and to continue to build the doula program at our hospital. I am married with two children and 4 grandchildren. I enjoy reading, gardening and traveling.


Debbie Hull

Labor Doula Faculty
Debbie began learning about birth in 1996 when she became involved in the local Houston birthing community. She believes that it is the most precious and sacred of honors to be invited to care for a woman and her family during their birthing time. Debbie is a doula in private practice and has been privileged to attend over 350 births in many homes and birth centers and over 30 hospitals. Her work has taken her places she never expected to go, including becoming a radio show host! Debbie regularly guest hosts Whole Mother on the local public radio station. The show covers a variety of topics important for parents and is a terrific source for hearing positive birth stories. Debbie certified as a childbirth educator, designed and developed the curriculum for an innovative, interactive childbirth class and began offering classes in 2001. She is proud that many local midwives refer exclusively to her classes and that even dads report enjoying the classes! Her minor in training and development and experience as an ASL interpreting mentorship program manager prepared her for mentoring doulas informally in her community. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to join CAPPA faculty to train a new generation of confident, professional doulas. Debbie is proud to be the mother of two amazing formerly breastfed and homeschooled young adults. To reach her and register for upcoming trainings, please visit www.debbiehulldoula.com or email her at debbiehull.doula@gmail.com.

Prinscilla Moore
prinscillamoore pic
Lactation Educator & Postpartum Doula Faculty
Prinscilla Moore, CPD CLE®, is a wife, mother of 4 beautiful girls, and grandmother.  Her enthusiasm in childbirth and maternal health was sparked by her own birth experiences and outcomes.  She started her journey with CAPPA in 2012 taking the Labor Doula and Postpartum Doula training programs and found that assisting women in the postpartum period was where her true passion lies. In 2013, she attended the CLE® training and that furthered her knowledge as a Doula and began teaching classes to educate parents on baby care needs and building confidence as they welcome their new baby.  Since forming Delighted to Doula Educational Birth Services, she has been working with families throughout Michigan and Los Angeles, CA.  Training professionals to become Certified Lactation Educators™ through CAPPA just proves how dedicated she is in helping families understand the importance of childbirth and how breastfeeding impacts the growth process of infants. She can be found at www.delightedtodoula.com.


Jessilyn Dolan
Labor Doula Faculty
Jessilyn Dolan has been working with birthing families for over ten years. She is a registered nurse and certified massage therapist, specializing in maternity and deep tissue massage, acupressure, reiki, and craniosacral therapy. Jessilyn is a certified Labor Doula, Certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator and Certified Infant Massage Instructor. She is chapter leader of Vermont’s first ICAN. Jessilyn previously owned and operated a Family Wellness Center for five years, incorporating all of her birthing knowledge and classes and instructing yoga for all ages. She previously taught Reflexology, Anatomy and Physiology and Traditional Chinese Medicine classes in the massage program at the Community College of Vermont. Jessilyn has worked at shelters with victims of domestic and sexual violence and families with diverse backgrounds and special needs. She is a caring, honest, and open woman who wants to help make a difference in the lives of those around her. Jessilyn lives in the northern woods of Vermont with her family, a house full of boys!

Eron Cardinal
Childbirth Educator Faculty
Eron Cardinal, CCCE started her journey as a birth worker in 1998 as a birth doula and began teaching childbirth classes in 1999. She has three amazing children ages 19, 18 and 5 ½. After the birth of her third child in 2010, and the passing of her second husband in 2011, she sadly needed to cut back on doula work. She did however find great comfort and reward in continuing to educate growing Vermont families. Eron is the owner of Naturally You Childbirth, MoonMother Doula Care as well as the creator and organizer of VT’s Original Pregnancy & Baby Expo. She is currently working on “a new baby”  called Conscious BirthWork: conception, birth & beyond which will offer classes to women and their partners, pre-conception to early pregnancy, regarding conscious thinking, choices and connection with self, partner and baby as well as conscious birth preparation. Eron is very excited and thankful to be joining CAPPA faculty in 2015.


Barbara Decker
Labor Doula Faculty
Barbara is a mother of two boys, 3 stepchildren, grandmother to 7, and a great-grandmother.  She has been a childbirth educator for over 40 years, a doula for twenty, a Doula Trainer, a HypnoBirthing Practitioner for over 12 years, Registered Hypnotherapist, and a Certified Prenatal Bonding Facilitator (BA) and a graduate of The Greatest Pregnancy Ever Prenatal Bonding Facilitator Program. Barbara is one of 15 people in the US to be trained in Prenatal Bonding (BA) by Dr. Gerhard Schroth from Germany.

Birthing has been her labor of love ever since she had her children and she is passionate about the need to start Preconception/Early Pregnancy Classes to inform the public of the importance of the gestational period.  She is also determined to encourage building bridges between hospital staff and doulas in lowering intervention rates in hospital births. ACOG believes we are an important part of that process and will include ways to work with staff in her future doula trainings for CAPPA.

She looks forward to supporting new doulas, bringing the field of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology to the attention of childbirth professionals, and helping our families care for their babies in their first classroom of life, the womb. When women are connected to their babies in the womb, the pregnancies are more fulfilling, stress levels are lowered, births are less invasive, and postpartum is easier because we practice parenting before the baby is even born.   She is very excited about her new role as a doula trainer with CAPPA.

Melanie Kitchens
melanie kitchens
Childbirth Educator Faculty
Melanie, CCCE, CLD, began her work with the birthing community after raising (home-schooling) her five wonderful children. She loved studying pregnancy and mother-child bonding during these early years and was eager to share her findings with her community. She began serving Southwest Washington State as a childbirth educator in 2009, after completing the certification process with CAPPA. Her passion for helping mothers navigate the labor and delivery process led Melanie to also certify as a Labor Doula and open a solo doula practice. Melanie is dedicated to continuing education through personal study and attending conferences on the birth process, breastfeeding, postpartum mental health, and infant care. She is thrilled to share her veteran knowledge with the future generation of childbirth educators and, through them, empower all women to fulfill well their role as mother. Outside of birth work, Melanie enjoys being a Nani, long walks with her dog, and playing in the local community concert band.


Sara Beckel
Labour Doula Faculty
Sara began her journey into the birth world after seeing the immense gaps in care during the births of her 2 nephews in 2004/2006. Realizing how difficult it was for mothers to gain access to education and support, Sara decided to become a doula so she could slowly begin to fill that gap and empower women on their path to motherhood. Since then, she has become a mother herself to two beautiful daughters and it has given her an entirely new perspective on the birth experience. After her second Daughter was born, Sara experienced what 1 in 7 moms go through every single year, and that is Postpartum Depression. This challenging experience has inspired her to move forward with improving maternal mental health across Saskatchewan and has become a strong advocate for mothers in her area. Her goal is to change the way women access care so they can regain their health as soon as possible. She volunteers for an organization called Postpartum Progress and does as much out reach as possible in her community so that moms no longer need to suffer and can get the help they need. Above all she educate her clients and community that healthy moms starts at birth and when we improve that, the rest will follow! She is the proud owner of Family First Doula Service in Regina Sk, Canada and you can reach her directly at sara@familyfirstdoulas.com or online at www.familyfirstdoulas.com.

Sonya Duffee
Labour Doula Faculty
Sonya Duffee’s journey towards supporting and empowering families through birth began shortly after the birth of her own children. With more than 16 years experience in a variety of birth settings including home births, hospital and birth center providing prenatal, birth and postnatal care to expectant families in the community. Sonya Duffee has attended more than 400 births in Saskatchewan, Alberta, New Mexico, Texas and Colorado providing personalized, individualized care to meet the needs of her clients. From 2002 to 2007 she was the only community based Midwife in Regina, Saskatchewan providing home birth services. Sonya has held many positions in local, provincial and national organizations. Past appointed member of the Saskatchewan College of Midwives and various working committees for the implementation of regulated midwifery. Past President and active member of the Doulas of Regina Association as well past-advisor for the Canadian Doula Association and her involvement in the birthing community through CAPSAC, Birth Unlimited, Friends of the Midwives and the Midwifery Association of Saskatchewan. She was Director of a community based organization called The Family Room in Saskatchewan and contributed on the production of birth related publications such as BEARTH and BIRTHING Magazine. Sonya is a current Canadian Advisor of CAPPA Canada’s Labour Doula program, on the board of the Doula Association of Edmonton and proprietor of Full Circle Birth Collective in Edmonton, Alberta. As a Certified Labour Doula Faculty member and Certified Doula, she has been sharing her passion for birth with others, instructing Birth Attendants, Doulas and Community Health workers in supportive care, continuing education and Doula training since 2005. These experiences have been instrumental in her work in the implementing and advocacy of family-centered care.

Kimberley Fernandez
Postpartum Doula & Labour Doula Faculty
Kimberley Healey-Fernandez is a proud mother of three amazing children. The birth of her daughter was the spring board to her becoming a Labour Doula with CAPPA in 2007. She followed that up with her certification as a Childbirth Educator and a Postpartum Doula. Kimberley believes strongly in doulas supporting doulas and mentoring new doulas on their journey through birth and parenting support. Kimberley currently trains both Labour and postpartum doulas throughout Canada as well as teaching childbirth education classes at several local hospitals. To date she has assisted over one hundred families through birth and the postpartum period. She currently owns and operates The Toronto Doula Group with several of her Doula sisters and has been published in an anthology of birth stories called Bearing Witness: Childbirth Stories As Told By Doulas.

Shelley Langmaid
Childbirth Educator Faculty
Shelley Langmaid, BN, CCCE is a mother of three children who has been teaching prenatal classes in New Brunswick for two decades. Since she began obstetrical training as part of her education at the Bathurst School of Nursing, Shelley has had a particular passion for family centered, holistic care. She holds a Bachelor of Nursing degree from UNB Fredericton and has been certified as a childbirth educator and a childbirth educator trainer by the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association; she conducts trainings throughout Atlantic Canada. A Roots of Empathy educator, Shelley went into schools with parents and infants to teach school-age children about empathy.

In 2007, Shelley created the course “Welcome Baby: Tools For The Journey” in the College of Extended Learning at the University of New Brunswick. A long-time yoga practitioner and mindfulness student who has completed the Mindful Motherhood teacher training, Shelley has also developed the Pregnancy, Childbirth and Parenting Program at the Iris Center, a not-for-profit organization in Fredericton.

Shelley and her family enjoy a tranquil life in the small community of Marysville, NB.

Teresa Maskery
teresamaskery pic
Childbirth Educator Faculty
Teresa Maskery is a CAPPA certified Labour / Postpartum Doula, and Childbirth Educator. She has been serving clients across York Region since 2008 as the business owner of My Baby Bump and Stouffville Prenatal. Teresa holds a diploma in Early Childhood Education from St. Lawrence College in Kingston Ontario, and uses this combined skill set to support families through pregnancy, delivery, and parenting. Teresa’s passion to see women achieve their desired birth experience, extends beyond her business and into her volunteer role as a director on the board of the Markham Stouffville Crisis Pregnancy Centre. She became a doula because she believes there is a need for people to understand and experience labour and delivery rather than simply find a way to deal with the pain. Teresa currently resides in Stouffville, Ontario with her husband and four teenage children.

Attie Sandink
Lactation Educator Faculty
Attie Sandink is a Registered Nurse, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and Childbirth Educator, and can often be found teaching Child Birth Classes, giving breastfeeding support and education or assisting in the birthing process or catching the occasional baby when necessary. She continues to do training sessions for CAPPA Canada that are in keeping with the 20 Hour Lactation Management course as it ascribes to all standard of the Breastfeeding Committee of Canada. Presently Attie is a Lactation Educator for CAPPA Canada. Attie continues her education regarding Kangaroo Mother Care and the mother/ infant behaviour response. Learning to understand these natural instincts has changed her practice from assisting mothers and infants to breastfeed, to more of guiding role, understanding this process in a much more hands off and normal, allowing the mother and infant dyad to perform instinctually whenever possible. Her husband and her four older sons have been very patient with her passion to support new families.

Sharon Loose

Labour Doula Faculty
Sharon has passionately been a part of the birthing community for almost 20 years in a variety of ways. Primarily as a certified Birth Doula and a Certified Childbirth Educator, she has had the privilege of helping hundreds of families effectively prepare, gain confidence and be supported throughout their journey into parenthood. She has been an active participant, executive member and leader in many organizations locally including the startup and operations of Calgary Birth Essentials. Her vision and hope is to be able to utilize her vast experience as a mother of 4 and her years of experience with her doula and education families to be the best support for families throughout their childbearing year, through education, advocacy, support and resources.

Fiona Lang-Sharpe

Labour Doula & Lactation Educator Faculty
Fiona has over 25 years of experience attending births, supporting mothers postpartum, and offering lactation care as an IBCLC. She is passionate about teaching in a kind and nurturing environment to meet the individual needs of each student. She studied in England under the National Association of Maternal and Child Welfare. Fiona then moved to Canada, and went on to teach and study internationally. Her experience in perinatal health along with her interest in technology and social media and passion for quality education makes her an excellent fit working with families locally, nationally and Internationally. Fiona provides private consults for Childbirth Education, Doula & Lactation Support, mentoring new doulas and as a Faulty of CAPPA provides trainings for Labour Doula & Lactation Educator. She can be reached at fionalangsharpe.com.

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