Conference 2015

2015 Conference


Pre and Post Conference Training Workshops

Pre-Conference Training Workshops
Pregnancy Fitness Educator Training Workshop
Postpartum Doula Training Workshop
Labor Doula Training Workshop

Post-Conference Training Workshops
Teen Educator Training Workshop
Lactation Educator Training Workshop
Childbirth Educator Training Workshop


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Westin La Paloma Resort Tucson, Arizona


Make your resort reservations using this link: Westin La Paloma to take advantage of the CAPPA Special Room Rate of $124.00 USD/night.*

*A $10 USD/night resort fee (discounted from $20/night) will be added to your reservation.



CAPPA consistently connects quality sponsors with our attendees in fun and engaging ways. CAPPA Conference 2015 will be no different!

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General Sessions - Keynote Speakers


Optional Sessions

(Available for an additional fee of $25.00 USD per session)


CAPPA Social

Contact Hours

An application will be submitted to the Georgia Nurses Association Continuing Education Review Committee for approval of 15.5 contact hours. For more information regarding contact hours, please call CAPPA at 770.965.9777.


CAPPA loves our members and their babies; however, the CAPPA Conference is a professional learning enviroment. CAPPA Conferences are designed to create an excellent educational environment for all of our members. Babies and families are welcome to come to conference; however, there are no children or babies permitted in any of the educational sessions themselves, therefore you will need a support person with you to care for your babies and children while you are in any general or optional sessions. CAPPA wishes to support our members who do not have alternate care for their babies/children during conference by providing low cost MP3s or DVDs of conference sessions available for purchase in the weeks that follow conference. There are no exceptions to this policy.

The 2015 CAPPA conference will be a free event for members who register by TBD. For those who do not register by TBD there will be a $50.00 USD late conference registration fee.

Our annual conference is free to all members of CAPPA, though additional optional sessions are offered at a low cost ($25.00 USD each) to extend your conference learning experience. Please see optional sessions for these additional opportunities.

*There is a $3.00 per member online convenience registration fee. If you do not wish to pay this convenience fee, you may print and mail in your registration. Please be sure to review all CAPPA conference policies prior to registration. Seats are first come first serve.

Our conference is *free to all CAPPA members, although for registration a valid credit card is necessary to reserve your seat. Your card will not be charged the $75.00 USD reservation fee, provided you are a member of CAPPA and you attend the conference *. In the event you cannot attend the conference, 30 days cancellation notice is required, or a no show fee of $75.00 USD will be charged to your credit card. You must mail your cancellation to CAPPA postmarked no later than TBD. We do not accept e-mail or faxes, our address is CAPPA, PO Box 2406, Buford, GA 30515. There are no exceptions to this policy.

There are no refunds for optional sessions, manuals, party or lunches. No transferring registration to another person. No swapping sessions. 

Please see all policies prior to registration.



CAPPA 2015 Conference Agenda

Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Labor Doula Workshop
Postpartum Doula Workshop
Pregnancy Fitness Educator Workshop

Thursday, July 9, 2015
Labor Doula Workshop
Postpartum Doula Workshop
Pregnancy Fitness Educator Workshop

4:00-5:00 PM—Volunteer meeting
4:00-6:00 PM—Exhibitor Setup
7:00-8:30 PM—Pre-registration, Showroom open, Meet-and-greet with CAPPA Board of Directors and Faculty

Friday, July 10, 2015
7:00-8:00—Conference Registration, Showroom open
8:00-8:45—Conference Opening
8:45-10:00—General Session 1: The Antagonists of Evidence-Based Breastfeeding Information by Christy Jo Hendricks
10:00-11:00—Showroom open
11:00-12:15—General Session 2: Stress Is Contagious! Stress-Reduction Tools for Me and Everyone With Whom I Work by Rhona Berens
12:15-12:30—Presenter Level Sponsor Presentation
12:30-2:00—Showroom Open, Lunch (on your own)
2:00-3:00—Optional Session A:  Induction – Updates and Effective Strategies by Ana Hill
3:15-4:15—Optional Session B: Stay Safe out There!  Personal Safety Tips for Doulas & Birth Workers by Terri Woods
4:30-6:30—Optional Session C: The Magic of Rebozo Use in Perinatal Care by Polly Perez and Jessilyn Dolan
7:30-9:30— Social event: Wild West Party

Saturday, July 11, 2015
7:30-8:30—Registration, Showroom open
8:30-9:00—Opening Session
9:00-10:15—Session 1: Transitioning Into Motherhood: How to help handicapped mothers before, during, and after birth by Brenda Bach
10:15-11:15—Showroom open
11:15-12:30—General Session 2: Plus Size Pregnancy and Birth by Jen McLellan
12:30-12:45—Presenter Level Sponsor Presentation
12:45-2:15—Showroom open, Lunch (on your own)
2:15-3:15—Optional Session D: TBA by Tracy Wilson Peters and Laurel Wilson
3:30-4:30—Optional Session E: Show me the money: How to make clients magically appear! by Kimberly Bepler
4:45-5:45—Optional Session F: Ten Small Steps for Hospitals, One Giant Leap to Baby-Friendly Designation by Katrina Fuller

Sunday, July 12, 2015
8:00-9:00—Registration, Showroom Open
9:15-10:30—General Session 1: Prenatal Bonding During Pregnancy: A new paradigm in Childbirth Education by Barbara Decker
10:30-11:15—Showroom open
11:15–11:30—Presenter Level Sponsor Presentation
11:30-12:45—General Session 2: The Great Switch- The Balance Between Business and Service by Dr. Adam Tedder
12:45-1:00—Closing Remarks
1:00-2:00—Showroom Open, Lunch (on your own)
2:00-3:00—Optional Session G: The 3 Keys to Flourish as a Mother in the Postpartum Period by Joanne Cohen
3:15-4:15—Optional Session H: Perinatal Mental Health and Advocacy: From Crisis to Contribution by Jennifer Moyer

Monday, July 13, 2015
Teen Educator Workshop
Lactation Educator Workshop
Childbirth Educator Workshop

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
Teen Educator Workshop
Lactation Educator Workshop
Childbirth Educator Workshop

Wednesday, July 15, 2015
Lactation Educator Workshop
Childbirth Educator Workshop