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Preeclampsia: The Cure is Birth, or Is It?

    As an educator, doula, nurse, or lactation professional, how many times have you heard that birth cures preeclampsia? Is this true? A cure is “a complete or permanent solution or remedy; a recovery or relief from disease” (Merriam-Webster, 2013, para 1). As the following quote details, preeclampsia does not always just disappear with…Read More

Postpartum Doulas Teach Tummy Time

  There are many aspects to the job description of the postpartum doula. One of the greatest of these is the confidence and education we can give to a family. As you step through the door for the first time post birth, your job is to listen and observe. How are the parents coping with…Read More

Why Scheduling Your Newborn is Harmful

  As a postpartum doula, I meet all different kinds of families. Each family that has called a Postpartum Doula has invited them into their home as an extra set of loving hands and a brain to pick about what to expect from their newborn. In most cases, parents have read nearly a dozen books to…Read More

Building a Secure Attachment with your Baby

  How to focus Mom’s Attention on Building a Secure Attachment As a postpartum home visitor for a local non-profit, I provide a series of three visits for all moms who are discharged from the hospital with their newborn. I never know what I’ll find when I visit a home with a baby less than…Read More

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