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Teaching Breastfeeding, Talking about Breastfeeding and, well, Actually Breastfeeding…

Teaching Breastfeeding, Talking about Breastfeeding and, well, Actually Breastfeeding…

  Right now, I am teaching breastfeeding classes, seeing private lactation clients, training women to become lactation educators, and actually breastfeeding a newborn…so needless to say my life is boobs and milk! For me, the subject has two completely different sides. When I am teaching and working with clients, I am the educator that shares…Read More

A Preventative Approach to Early Breastfeeding

By: Michaela Zach We have all learned and become very educated about the importance of the first hour after birth, skin-to-skin contact, infant regulation, breastfeeding, etc. We know that infants who are allowed skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth for at least an hour are better breastfeeders. But does every baby become a better breastfeeder because…Read More

Who is Our Target Audience?

By: Christy Jo Hendricks Recently, I was invited to present the Certified Lactation Educator Training at a state-of-the-art educational facility that was equipped with all the “bells and whistles.” The equipment was intimidating and resembled something I had seen recently while watching a futuristic, sci-fi movie.  The retracting screen was the only equipment I was…Read More

Breastmilk is Breastmilk!

    How often have you heard the words “foremilk” and “hind milk”? What thoughts or phrases come to mind almost immediately when these words are discussed? Fat milk or high calorie milk Watery milk Lactose intolerance Green stools Milk imbalance Keep baby on one breast until he comes off on his own Feed baby…Read More

Lactation Education: Vital for New Moms

    Lactation education is vital for new moms and their support persons. Statistically, those who form a decision to breastfeed prenatally are more likely to be successful. Breastfeeding should not be considered a controversial topic. If we shared breastfeeding information the same way we educate on car seat safety and back-to-sleep practices, perhaps we…Read More

The Slippery Slope of Supplementation

    There are a few pieces of education that can prevent unnecessary supplementation of formula or unintentional weaning. One problem is that many people misinterpret baby behavior. A baby communicates various ways. He uses body language, head movements, hand gestures, and crying as forms of expression. The crying stage is usually what brings on…Read More

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