It's Not Everyone's Dream Birth

By: Jacquelyn Duke I will never forget the off-hand comment that changed the course of my life forever.  I was sitting in the living room of our first home, holding my fresh, newborn daughter, Willow Grace, just 5 days old.  Our labor doula had come to our home for a postpartum visit. We happily discussed…Read More

Breastmilk is Breastmilk!

    How often have you heard the words “foremilk” and “hind milk”? What thoughts or phrases come to mind almost immediately when these words are discussed? Fat milk or high calorie milk Watery milk Lactose intolerance Green stools Milk imbalance Keep baby on one breast until he comes off on his own Feed baby…Read More

The Season of Motherhood

Having lived a bit more than a half a century now, I find that one of my favorite words is “seasons.” Maybe because I’m a die-hard Pete Seeger fan and love the way he took words from Ecclesiastes and turned them into a catchy song, most notably made famous by The Byrd’s Turn, Turn, Turn. “There is a…Read More

The Hidden Shame of Birth Trauma

  “At Least You Have a Healthy Baby” – The Hidden Shame of Birth Trauma When you look at the probability of trauma in the course of a woman’s life, the statistics are high. One in three women will experience sexual abuse in her lifetime. One in four women will perceive her birth as traumatic.…Read More

Lactation Education: Vital for New Moms

    Lactation education is vital for new moms and their support persons. Statistically, those who form a decision to breastfeed prenatally are more likely to be successful. Breastfeeding should not be considered a controversial topic. If we shared breastfeeding information the same way we educate on car seat safety and back-to-sleep practices, perhaps we…Read More

Becoming Active Listeners: Love in Action

  The young woman in front of me sat cross-legged in the hospital bed clutching her swaddled newborn with tears streaming down her face.  This was her first birth.  She’d had a C section the day before and she had no family with her in the room.  Her partner was not available.  For the present,…Read More

A Doula Looks Forward to 2016

  As 2015 comes to a close and I begin to look forward to the new year, I always contemplate what has worked well for me this year and what I would like to do differently next year.  I don’t make resolutions. I do, however, like to create intentions, usually in the form of a…Read More

Breathe, Baby, Breathe

    November is the month when most of us begin to focus in on what we are grateful for. It is a month that marks the beginning of the holiday season for many, and while we wish to express gratitude, it can also be a time of intense stress and exhaustion. This can be…Read More

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