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Make the Connections

Make the Connections

For the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to serve on the planning committee for a community event: The Birth and Family Wellness Fair.  This fair promotes holistic family health and birthing options. I have seen the positive effects this event has in our community and urge others to sponsor or support events like these in their areas. I worked with…Read More

CAPPA Vision “Stuff Your Doula Says” (VIDEO) with Tiffany Miller

CAPPA is kicking off World Doula Week with a reminder of what doulas can do for you!     1 ) Your Cervix is Not a Crystal Ball While a cervical exam can offer a great snapshot of what’s happening right now, it’s not necessarily the best indicator of what may come.  Neither is it really…Read More

The Value of Prenatal Visits

When I first started working as a doula, I worried about what to do in my prenatal visits with families. Your prenatal visits are a place for you and your clients to get to know each other, build trust and begin to see you as a resource for their experience. You will also be demonstrating…Read More

Who’s Birth is it Anyway?

Birth can be a little unpredictable to say the least! If you work in this field long enough, you are sure to accumulate a few strange, crazy, and even hilarious stories along the way. At times, a birth experience may seem like an episode from “Who’s Line is it Anyway?”, an improv comedy game show…Read More

Connect More

By: Jessilyn Dolan Over the years, I have graciously and humbly watched my practice and experience grow and change.  A decade ago I was flourishing as a private practice Labor doula and childbirth educator for clients fortunate enough to pay for such birth services. Today, I work with young women who have multiple struggles every…Read More

A Preventative Approach to Early Breastfeeding

By: Michaela Zach We have all learned and become very educated about the importance of the first hour after birth, skin-to-skin contact, infant regulation, breastfeeding, etc. We know that infants who are allowed skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth for at least an hour are better breastfeeders. But does every baby become a better breastfeeder because…Read More

A Bad Case of Empathy

By: Tiffany Miller Recently, I was felled for 48 hours by a flu-like virus. Body aches, fever, cough. The works. One morning, my ten-year-old daughter asked me, “Mom, what’s it called when someone is sick, and you wish you were sick instead of them?” “That’s called empathy, sweetie,” I replied in a fog as I…Read More

Breastmilk is Breastmilk!

    How often have you heard the words “foremilk” and “hind milk”? What thoughts or phrases come to mind almost immediately when these words are discussed? Fat milk or high calorie milk Watery milk Lactose intolerance Green stools Milk imbalance Keep baby on one breast until he comes off on his own Feed baby…Read More

The Season of Motherhood

Having lived a bit more than a half a century now, I find that one of my favorite words is “seasons.” Maybe because I’m a die-hard Pete Seeger fan and love the way he took words from Ecclesiastes and turned them into a catchy song, most notably made famous by The Byrd’s Turn, Turn, Turn. “There is a…Read More

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